“I just finished reading Tiffany Fisher’s book, “I’m all in” for the first time. Yes, I will be reading it again. So ma’am, how did you read my mind? It was scary but affirming to see all my stuff laid bare, in black and white. This is a wonderful book and I thank God for leading you to share and for your obedience in sharing.”

~Attorney Charlene Armstrong

“Lord, Tiffany Yvette Fisher. I tell you, I can’t do anything with you. You know I hadn’t read one book this entire year. I started your book the weekend of the book signing & just finished it this am. With my eyes filled with w/water, I read the pages honoring me. Whew. I was shocked…in awe. Thank you for the recognition & flowers while I’m still here. That was a sweet surprise. You got me on this one.”

~LaShonna F. Fredrick

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