The Daugthers of Esther

The Daughters of Ester (DOE) is an online bible study for women. DOE was initially created for the busy woman who doesn’t always have time to attend the traditional weekly bible study. The Daughters meet through an online app and discuss different topics related to the obstacles we face in today’s society.

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Breakfast with Tiffany

Breakfast with Tiffany is a morning full of good food, games, inspiration and empowerment. Breakfast with Tiffany invites women from all walks of life to come together to motivate, to inspire and to support each other. The event gives women the opportunity to have a morning to themselves, to connect with other women, and to refuel their personal engines. Each breakfast is planned with the hopes that anyone who enters on “empty” will leave on “full”.

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I'm All In

A two part – fourteen session Bible study authored by Tiffany, I’m All In combines practical life strategies with God’s holy word to help ladies make radical changes in all areas of their lives. The study shows how God led Tiffany to pen her personal journey not only to help herself, but to help other ladies reach their full potential as well.

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A Night of Honor

An annual event, A Night of Honor will be just that – a night to honor many! Held at the beginning of the Christmas season, the gala will allow everyone to dress up and come together to kick off the holidays. The Fisher Projects will honor ladies from our communities that have motivated, inspired and supported others throughout the year. It will be a time of recognizing, celebrating, and commemorating women who have given of themselves to assist others and their communities.

I'm All In - The Story

I’m All In – The Story” – the sequel to “I’m All In” – is the behind the scenes story that lets readers in on the stages of author Tiffany Fisher’s life that led to the original study. Fisher shares how being all in has allowed her to experience more success than she ever imagined possible.

The Fisher Projects Enrichment Camp

“The Fisher Projects Enrichment Camp, “Strong Girls Make a Strong World” is a mentorship program with Guilford County schools for 4th and 5th grade girls. The program focuses on teaching the girls life skills and etiquette.”